Chiropractic Help After an Auto Accident

Chiropractic Help After an Auto Accident
After an accident, an attorney or medical professional may recommend chiropractic treatment to help aid in recovery. The trauma that the body undergoes during the course of an automobile crash may vary based on the circumstances surrounding it and the force of the incident. However, it is likely that the body sustained some kind of injury, whether from the airbag, the seat belt, a hit on the head, or the twist of the neck. The options offered by chiropractors can alleviate pain for accident victims.

Benefits of chiropractic care after an accident:

Many options are available to those who suffer pain and injury after a car accident. Depending on the severity of the condition, an emergency room visit may be warranted either immediately following the incident or a day later. Sometimes the adrenaline that surges through the body after a car accident may mask the symptoms of an injury. Therefore, it is essential to get checked out by a physician in the days following an accident to ensure that there are no serious injuries. A chiropractor can help diagnose and relieve any injuries due to a crash.

Neck and back problems:

According to the Mayo Clinic, the most common injury sustained in a car accident is whiplash, which causes neck and back pain. It is not always easy to diagnose because it does not always show up on imaging studies. It can also cause head trauma, as the neck is whipped back and forth forcefully during the brunt of the crash. The most common emergency room treatment for whiplash or its symptoms is a prescription of muscle relaxers. These drugs often cause drowsiness, and while they may alleviate pain, they may make it nearly impossible to function. However, a visit to a chiropractor can reduce the inflammation that surrounds the neck and spinal cord by putting the vertebrae back into alignment, increasing the blood flow to the affected areas.

Range of motion help:

A car accident may cause pain due to micro-tears in the muscles from the brunt of the impact. This achiness may make it tempting to stop moving the affected area, such as the arm, neck, or another appendage. However, doing so may cause the muscle to become stiff and eventually cause more pain. Chiropractic care can help restore range of motion lost by the pain of an accident. Through the manipulation of various joints and the stimulation of the nerves and muscles, the blood flow can be increased and help flood the muscles and sore areas with blood to increase motion.


Headaches can manifest for various reasons before and after an accident. The neck is the primary source of headaches, and adjustments made by a chiropractor to the back and neck can ease tension and migraine headaches, providing relief after an accident. Chiropractors can reduce a patient’s pain without utilizing medication or surgical intervention.

Frequently asked questions about chiropractic care for auto accident victims:

Let us go over the answers to a few of the questions that patients might have about getting chiropractic care as part of recovery from an auto accident.

1. What are the benefits of seeing a chiropractor after an auto accident?

A chiropractor can provide relief from pain caused by injuries that affect the musculoskeletal system. Physicians typically recommend pain medication to manage the discomfort caused by auto accident injuries like whiplash, while chiropractors use precise manipulation techniques to reduce pain and promote healing. A chiropractor can also help improve the mobility of joints affected by an auto accident. Chiropractic care aims to improve how the body’s interconnected systems work together.
Anyone who has been in an auto accident can benefit from chiropractic care even if they do not feel any discomfort or pain. Vehicle injuries sometimes have delayed symptoms, meaning patients might not feel pain for a few days or even weeks following an accident. Seeing a chiropractor immediately helps with diagnosing soft tissue injuries and enables prompt treatments.

2. How do chiropractors treat patients with vehicular accidents?

Treating vehicle accident victims often starts with a chiropractor going over the patient’s medical history and assessing their injury. The patient will also be evaluated to determine if chiropractic treatments will be right for them.
Treatments that might be recommended for people who have been injured in auto accidents include spinal manipulation to restore balance to joints and massage therapy to increase blood flow to injured areas, promoting healing.


Chiropractic care is beneficial after the body goes through the trauma of a car accident. The spinal adjustments and muscular manipulation that are performed can increase range of motion, enhance blood flow, and alleviate pain.
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