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What can I expect during my first visit to your office or a chiropractor, considering I've never been to one before?

During your initial chiropractor appointment, you will have a confidential discussion with the doctor to address your health concerns and review your intake paperwork, as well as discuss the reason for your visit. Subsequently, the doctor will conduct a comprehensive examination of your nervous and musculoskeletal systems to assess your overall well-being and the condition of your spine.

Depending on your individual case, the doctor may recommend obtaining X-rays of your spine to gain a deeper understanding of its structure and health. X-rays aid in visualizing the positioning of your spinal bones, the quality of your spine, and whether adjustments can be safely performed. They also enable the doctor to determine the progression of your spinal condition over time.

If deemed necessary, the doctor may provide a relief treatment during your initial visit, as per their professional judgment and tailored to your specific requirements.

Can I expect to receive a personalized plan of care, review the results of any tests conducted, and have the opportunity to ask questions during my first visit to your office or a chiropractor?

During your report of findings appointment, the chiropractor will carefully examine your test results and diagnostic imaging, if applicable, to identify the underlying cause of your issue. They will then explain the specific issues related to your spine or other areas of your body and how these affect your overall health and well-being.

Using this information, the chiropractor will design a personalized treatment plan tailored to your unique needs. This plan may involve chiropractic adjustments, exercises, stretches, and other therapies aimed at alleviating your symptoms and enhancing your overall health.

During the visit, the chiropractor will also discuss the expected timeline for seeing results and the estimated number of treatments required for a complete resolution of your problem. They will provide information about the cost of each treatment and any coverage your insurance may offer.

Throughout the appointment, the chiropractor will encourage you to ask any questions you may have to ensure a comprehensive understanding of your condition and treatment plan. Additionally, he may offer guidance on maintaining good spinal health and preventing future issues.

Overall, the report of findings visit is a crucial step in your journey towards achieving optimal health and well-being. By collaborating closely with your chiropractor and adhering to their treatment plan, you can attain long-lasting pain relief and improved overall health.

What should I anticipate during my scheduled office visits?

During your regular visits to a chiropractor specializing in spinal adjustments, you can anticipate the following process:

First, your chiropractor will inquire about any changes in your health since your last appointment, focusing on any pain, discomfort, or other symptoms you may have experienced. This comprehensive assessment is vital in determining the most suitable approach for your treatment.

Next, your chiropractor will conduct a thorough examination of your spine and any affected areas of your body. Utilizing their skilled hands or specialized tools, they will gently manipulate your spine or joints, aiming to alleviate tension and enhance mobility. This procedure is commonly known as a spinal adjustment.

Depending on your personalized treatment plan, your chiropractor may incorporate additional therapies to complement the adjustments. These could include acupuncture, massage, or other forms of physical therapy. The selection of therapies will be tailored to your specific needs for the most effective results.

The office places a high value on your time, and their commitment to efficiency ensures that your appointments are productive and effective. Their ultimate goal is to assist you in achieving positive outcomes, whether it involves pain relief, improved mobility, or maintaining overall health and wellness.

Throughout the process, open communication is encouraged, and your chiropractor will work closely with you to address any questions or concerns. They are dedicated to helping you achieve optimal health and wellness, and they eagerly anticipate collaborating with you on this journey.

If you require any further clarifications or have additional questions, please feel free to ask. The chiropractic team is here to support you on your path to improved well-being, and they are excited to work together with you toward achieving your health goals.

Does your office accept insurance?

Your Health is an Investment not an Expense.


ChiroComp is an “Out of Network” (OON) provider and does not contract with any insurance companies including Medicare and Medicaid.  By not billing insurance, we can provide the highest level of care. This allows us to provide affordable, personalized, one-on-one care. Clinics that are under contract with insurance companies are forced to allow the insurance company to dictate what treatment may be received and for how many visits. 


We do everything we can to make sure Chiropractic, Therapy, and Functional Medicine care is affordable and available to everyone!

Are cash payments accepted or do you offer self-pay options at your chiropractic office?
Yes, we do accept cash payments and offer self-pay options for patients who do not have insurance or choose not to use their insurance benefits. We understand that not everyone has insurance coverage, and we want to ensure that all patients have access to high-quality chiropractic care.
Do you offer any discount or hardship payment options?
Certainly! We have a range of discounts and flexible payment plans specifically designed for self-pay patients, aimed at making chiropractic care more affordable and accessible to all. We firmly believe that healthcare should be available to everyone, regardless of their financial circumstances, and we are dedicated to ensuring that our patients receive the necessary care at a reasonable cost. For further details about our self-pay discounts and payment options, please get in touch with our office, and our team will be happy to provide you with more information. We look forward to assisting you on your journey to improved health and well-being.
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