Feel Better After Seeking Auto Accident Chiropractic Help

Feel Better After Seeking Auto Accident Chiropractic Help
Chiropractic care can benefit the body in many ways. It helps to realign the spine and treat joints that wear down over time. However, the benefits of seeking the help of a chiropractor never seem more obvious than they do after a motor vehicle accident. Whether the accident was a minor fender bender or something much more serious, it is worth the trip to get some relief from the pain associated with car crash injuries.

Treat unseen injuries with chiropractic intervention:

Accidents cause all sorts of problems for drivers and passengers alike. Being in an accident is no laughing matter, especially when it comes to injuries. The human body is built to be durable; however, after the type of jostling around a car accident can cause, it is almost impossible not to have some type of physical repercussion. Not all of these injuries will appear in imaging studies either. Take a look at some of the more common post-accident injuries that a chiropractor can help to fix.


The most common injury sustained in a car accident is whiplash. This phenomenon is caused by the force of the crash on the body. When a person is moving in one direction and a sudden impact jolts the body in another direction, there can be significant injury to the neck caused by the two opposing forces snapping the head forward and back at a high rate of speed. Whiplash is something that may be felt pretty quickly, or it may not appear until an hour or even a day later. According to the Mayo Clinic, it typically feels like hot shooting pain up and down the neck, and any type of movement causes that pain to intensify. Visiting a chiropractor after an accident may help ease the pain and discomfort, not to mention the damage, whiplash can cause.


When muscles and ligaments tighten and then have sudden force change their direction, small tears or micro-tears can develop. These tiny tears are difficult to diagnose but can cause great pain throughout. They become inflamed and place pressure on the musculoskeletal system, especially in the back. Chiropractic manipulation can help by correcting the spinal alignment and making adjustments as necessary. Doing so helps realign the body and keeps the pain in the muscles from getting worse by reducing the inflammation in affected areas and allowing blood to flow through, repairing the micro-tears.


It is fairly common for scar tissue to form in and around muscles after they have suffered trauma. Chiropractic care can help reduce the scar tissue that may form due to a lack of blood flow through inflamed and affected muscle areas. Using massage and skeletal adjustments, a chiropractor can increase the blood flow to these areas. The scar tissue will not harden, helping to make the condition less painful.

Why chiropractic care is important?

Some of the benefits of seeking chiropractic care after an auto accident include:
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Pain alleviation without medications:

Many individuals who have been in an auto accident simply take pain relievers to feel better. However, medicines merely conceal the symptoms of an injury without healing the damage itself.
Addiction to pain relievers is common, and many individuals believe they will only use them until they no longer hurt, only to find that they cannot do so without experiencing unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. There are no drugs or addictive medicines used in chiropractic therapy. Chiropractic treatment also treats the underlying cause of the issue rather than merely hiding the symptoms.

Eliminates muscle and joint pain in the whole body:

The production of a pain-reducing hormone during chiropractic adjustments after a vehicle accident has been shown to lessen pain throughout the body. The treatment helps alleviate post-injury discomfort and pain in other parts of the body that may have been impacted before the event.

Prevent chronic pain:

Failure to address minor injuries from a vehicle accident might cause significant long-term complications. The symptoms of whiplash, for example, may persist for years without adequate medical attention and develop into a chronic condition that causes both mental and physical pain. The sooner patients see a chiropractor after an accident, the better their chances of avoiding long-term, debilitating pain.

Restore motion range:

The chiropractor will mobilize the patient’s spine during a chiropractic adjustment, helping the body begin the natural healing process much more quickly to regain range of motion.

Chiropractors can help after an accident:

After a car accident, relief may seem like a far-off dream. However, consulting with a chiropractic care practitioner may offer much-needed help in shortening the pain and recovery period for issues that may crop up.
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