Sayler Park Chiropractic : Good Faith Estimate

Good Faith Estimate

As a patient receiving care at Sayler Park Chiropractic, you have the entitlement to receive a documented projection of your medical expenses, commonly referred to as a “Good Faith Estimate.” This estimate is furnished prior to receiving non-emergency medical items or services. This policy is relevant to both individuals who lack insurance coverage and those who choose not to utilize insurance for their medical needs. The provided estimate should encompass the entire anticipated cost of the services, encompassing any associated charges such as medical assessments, prescribed medications, medical equipment, and hospital fees.

We emphasize the significance of requesting a written Good Faith Estimate from your healthcare provider, ensuring that this request is made at least one business day prior to your scheduled service or item. Additionally, you retain the prerogative to solicit estimates from alternate providers you might be considering.

Should your eventual bill surpass the initial estimate by a minimum of $400, you are empowered to contest it. We recommend safeguarding a copy of your estimate for future reference.

For more comprehensive insights into your entitlement regarding the Good Faith Estimate, you can access additional information at

Should you have any queries or concerns regarding your medical bill or the Good Faith Estimate, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our dedicated team is readily available to address your inquiries and ensure that you receive healthcare pricing that is equitable and transparent.

Kindly be aware that this policy remains subject to potential revisions, and any updates will be communicated through postings on our official website.